Services We Offer

Below are the services we provide

 Weekly Summer Lawn Maintenance (Most Popular)  
Since opening in 2018, weekly lawn maintenance has put Brubacher Horst Landscape on the map in the landscape industry, our commitment to the highest quality work paired with equipment has allowed us to thrive in this space. We offer weekly scheduled visits that start in the third week of April and run until the second week of November. 
- All lawn areas will be mowed at correct height
- Mechanical flat trimming
- Mechanical edging of all hard surfaces and landscape beds
- Blowing off all hard surfaces (driveway, front entrance, sidewalks, patios etc)
- Any shrub and plant trimming as required

To run efficiently, we offer 2 payment options to our mowing customers.
We now do our mowing on a seasonal basis, we offer a one time pre-pay option, which gives our customers a 10 percent discount.
The second option is 6 equal monthly payments throughout the season, on the first day of each month from May until October. This works out to 29 visits. 
Spring Clean Up 
Dethatching of all lawn areas
- Core Aerating 
- Mechanical edging of all hard surfaces and landscape beds
- Top dressing and over seeding, repair any winter damage to lawn (extra)
- Fertilizing upon request (extra) 
- Mulching of gardens and flower beds (extra)

Hardscape & Landscape Projects
- Patios
- Walkways
- River Rock Walkway & Drainage 
- Fireplace Features
- Flower bed and planting installations
- Landscaping Installations etc.